Kanjano is the nom de plume for Giuliano Cangiano, a comic artist born in Sicily and based in Milan.

In the last ten years I’ve drawn and published some graphic journalism books

  • Ilva, Comizi d’acciaio (2013) and Sostiene Sankara (2014), Becco Giallo Fandango
  • In viaggio verso lo Zavhan, (2014) AIFO
  • La mia terra la difendo, (2012) Altrinformazione

Since 2007 to 2015 I have drawn political comics and graphic journalism short stories for the most important national newspapers and magazines (Pizzino, Narcomafie, Emme, L’Unità, Liberazione) and publishing houses (Navarra Editore)

I’ve been the editorial director of Mamma! graphic journalism and political comics magazine. Together with the journalist Carlo Gubitosa and the cartoonist Mauro Biani we involved the most talented young Italian authors with the ambitious project to give italian cartoons a chance.

Lately I’ve drawn some short stories for Il Corriere della Sera.

After a short break I decided to start publishing again my political comics cause I’m worried about italian fascist drift. Almost daily I post my drawn analysis on my social profiles and on politicalcomics.kanjano.org